*We provide advice for all regular members in cases
of exclusive income from employment according to
section 4 subs. 11 Tax Counselling Law (§ 4 Ziffer 11 StBerG)

We support
Pensioners, workers and civil servants
from A to Z with memberships with their


We are offering you:

  • the drawing up an Income Tax Return
  • the use of tax advantages after advice form our employees
  • tax advice on property ownership/renting and/or tax advantages
  • "Riester-Bonus" including "Wohn-Riester" (only tax repercussions)
  • "Riester-Rente" (pension privately financed though additional allowances from the State.
  • a flat-rate settlement tax (advice) and an application for exemption (from credit institutions)
  • employer obligations for employment close to home
  • child benefits (advice and application)
  • income tax reductions (application)
  • correct choice of tax classification
  • taxable result (evaluation and notification)
  • guidance for legal action (including action before a finance court for incorrect tax assesments)

We act in the case of income derived exclusively from employment, pensions, annuities and maintenance benefits, capital income, self-used properties or letting/leasing, if the

revenue from letting and leasing (flat letting, land leasing),

revenue from capital assets (e.g. interest on bank accounts, investments),

other income (e.g. private trade),

does not amount to more than € 13.000 or € 26.000 in total when assesed jointly with the income of a partner.

All payments are covered with a socially graded annual amount, if you earn less, you pay a lower share.

Easy ways to get the answers you need: 

Telephone: +49 89 44237040 -

Telefax: +49 89 44237042

E-Mail: info@vlh-muenchen.de

Please note: A membership is only reached when the membership application signed and sent. 

You can send us your documents by mail, fax or e-mail.

You can send your suggestions, comments and questions to us. Detailed inquiries are forwarded to the competent

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